Today, energy managers everywhere are compelled today to implement energy-efficiency strategies to offset high costs caused by growing plug loads and rising energy prices.  In a typical commercial environment general illumination can account for 30-40% of annual electricity costs for general illumination alone.  By simply by changing the light bulb to energy-efficient LED lighting, energy managers can now return literally millions of dollars per year in needless electricity costs back to their bottom-line.

The advent of the LED is only the fourth lighting technology in the history of humankind – and is already transforming the world. Just as the incandescent light bulb refined by Thomas Edison created a new technology that truly changed the world, LEDs are now the future replacement for all lighting systems developed over the previous 100 years. This next-generation technology has far greater capacity however to reshape the world than the incandescent light bulb ever did. In fact, there is no other single technology available that can have such a dramatic effect on the future energy crisis than replacement of traditional fluorescent inefficient bulbs with linear LED technology.