Emergence is the only company that offers a full line of UL certified T8, T5, T5/HO, U-Bend and PL-Series retrofit LED replacement lamps supporting electronic, programmable and magnetic ballasts. All lines are available in any color temperatures, as well as six size options, ranging from 2' to 8'  – and customizable by color temperature, lumen output or power consumption to any end-users needs.

Simply turn off the power to your fixture, remove the old tube, install the new Emergence LED replacement lamps and turn the power back on. It’s that simple! They are constructed from hazardous-free materials that are 100% recyclable. Title 24 compliant, approved by UL, CE, and RoHS, in addition to having achieved the U.S. Department of Energy’s LED Lighting Facts Certification. Every lamp is unconditionally backed by a 5-year/50,000 hour guarantee, ensuring peace of mind and providing satisfaction for years to come.


Emergence Technologies, LLC, was founded by Howard Weinberg, who has an extensive 30 year background in the identification and marketing of disruptive and emerging technologies. Since 1989, his efforts were focused on identifying and introducing new technologies to key senior executives within the Executive Office of the President of the United States, Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, and the Federal Law Enforcement community. During this time, Mr. Weinberg supported the efforts of over 100 companies worldwide with introductions and in many cases the successful implementation of sensitive technologies within these various agencies.

In 2007, Mr. Weinberg was asked by a U.S. government hospital to perform a due diligence exercise regarding LED technology. He was specifically tasked to assess the quality, dependability and bottom line efficiencies of existing products.  The resulting in-depth investigation and the information gained from this project served as the catalyst that launched Emergence as a provider of linear LED replacement lamps, first to the hospital industry which has now expanded to retail stores, offices, educational institutions and manufacturing concerns.


  • Efficacy: 130+ watts

  • Beam Aperture: 320°

  • Light Output: (4') 2250 lumens

  • Input Power: 15 watts

  • Input Voltage: Same as ballast in place

  • CCT: 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, 5000K, 5700K,

  • CRI: > 83

  • Dimmable with dimmable ballast

  • Lifetime: More than 50,000 hours

  • Warranty: 5 years

  • Beam angle of 220° produces even light distribution similar to fluorescent tubes

  • No UV emission

  • No flicker or stroboscopic effect

  • No warm up time, instant-on, full light output and stable lamp-to-lamp color

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Act Compliant 

Emergence linear LED replacement lamps are sold to the U.S. Government as a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) product and are identical to those sold to the general public. The requirement to consider and use se COTS was official enacted into law as part of the Federal Acquisition Streamlining Act in 1994, and is also addressed in the Clinger-Cohen Act. COTS policies are also contained in the Federal Acquisition Regulations, the defense Federal Acquisition Regulations, the basic DoD Acquisition Policy (5000 Series),and several other instructions, directives and statues. Available under GSA ADVANTAGE Contract #GS-07F-123GA.


Emergence has developed both USA and overseas sources for the contract manufacturing of its proprietary LED technologies. Emergence also maintains manufacturing agreements with several specialized LED component manufacturers possessing some of the largest automated LED production bases overseas.

Manufacturing photos below from Baltimore, Maryland facility

made in the usa - LED - _0010_yifk
made in the usa - LED - _0009_khjk
made in the usa - LED - _0008_yukghjk
made in the usa - LED - _0007_iukbhjk
made in the usa - LED - _0002_hh
made in the usa - LED - _0006_gkhjkgk
made in the usa - LED - _0005_fjvhj
made in the usa - LED - _0004_gyuk
made in the usa - LED - _0001_Picture1
made in the usa - LED - _0003_ghj

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