The world's largest retailer, $482 billion Arkansas-based Walmart Stores, is dealing with a decline in profits and foot traffic in the USA. Accordingly the purpose of the project was to demonstrate the many benefits of implementing linear LED technology in a large retail store environment by (a) establishing a project that senior management could physically walk-through and experience first-hand the superior quality of light generated by LEDs for general illumination; (b) gather empirical data about this technology in an operational environment to better understand how linear LED technology can have an immediate reduction on energy consumption, and (c) visually enhancing store merchandise  while  creating an overall better customer experience.


For WalMart’s demonstration project Walmart Store #4108 in Springdale, AR was chosen for retrofitting its traditional 32 watt, four-foot T8 fluorescent light bulbs deployed over meat, produce and dairy areas and replaced with the Emergence’s ‘ballast-compatible’ linear LED Replacement lamps. Savings were documented in three areas: (1) an immediate 47-62% reduction in electricity consumption due to lower wattage LED technology developed for key store areas by Emergence;  (2) maintenance expenses associated with fluorescents, ballast replacements and their respective labor costs were minimized or eliminated entirely, and, (3) reduced HVAC due to less heat generated by the LEDs lamps resulting in less energy required to maintain both fluorescent light bulb related heat radiating onto merchandise and overall store temperatures.

The results of this project culminated in the purchase order for an initial 300,000 Emergence TLED replacement lamps for Walmart stores and Supercenters in the United States. This is Walmart’s largest single purchase of Emergence's TLEDs to date, and the most recent example of leadership from Walmart to find and scale innovative, energy-efficient lighting solutions after three years of extensive testing against Philips, General Electric, CREE, and Osram Sylvania's lamps. We believe this award after such a rich technical history of collaborating to develop and test a TLED to meet Walmart’s needs represents empirical evidence of the quality and sustainability of Emergence's technology, warranty and overall performance.